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image movie


2013 / 49 sec. / English

A film by: Luuk Keijser & Henk-Jan Vinke

Cast: Luuk Keijser, Luuk Keijser & Luuk Keijser


The first couple of years were used by us to learn new techniques and also have a bit of fun. Our shorts reflect this journey. Something is a short film we made to test out several things. We practiced masking techniques, which created the cloning effect. The use of green screen made it possible for Luuk #3 to move passed the boundaries of the masks and to interact with Luuk #1. We also wanted to limit ourselves by trying to create a film under a minute, to practice brevity and boiling a story down to the essentials, and what better way to practice then with a little bit of fun?

The film was selected for the Minute Film Festival in 2016.


Winning award