Roller Derby in de Lage Landen
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Roller Derby in de Lage Landen (Roller Derby in the Low Countries)

2014 / 9 min. 8 sec. / Dutch with English subtitles


In this short documentary, we take a look at the history and future of roller derby in the Netherlands, while also touching on subjects such as image and the rise of men’s teams in this traditionally female sport. We tried to capture the Roller Derby culture with grungy 16mm film overlays and an eclectic mix of colors, switching from black and white, back to color. This, combined with the use of stock footage, the Whip It trailer and choice of music really help to sell the vibe and sensibilities of roller derby.

The Art All Night Film Festival in Trenton, New Jersey agreed and included it in its official selection of 2016!

This documentary was made in collaboration with the Utrecht roller derby team the Dom City Dolls. In return we made a short promotional film for them, which you can watch here.

You can also visit their website.


Winning award