Love After Love
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Love After Love

2014 / 5 min. 37 sec. / English

A film by: Henk-Jan Vinke
Cinematography by: Christiaan Vermeer
Background art by: Paul Vromen & Brandy Dixon

Cast: Jurg van Ginkel, Roos van de Wardt & Katrien van Riet


Love After Love was the first project where we made heavy use of green screen. But we did not want to merely test ourselves technically. Our shorts in the past were quite dialogue heavy so, to push ourselves, we decided to make a silent film and try to tell a simple story in a purely visual way. Looking back we learned a lot from making this film. We kept the story very simple in order to force us to find complexity through visual means.

After the shoot we discovered that we made a lot of mistakes during the shoot. The actors were far too close to the green screen, casting shadows that make it difficult to key. The green screen itself was not smooth, leaving further marks that needed to be cleaned up. We spent hours and hours correcting these mistakes, but the experience proved invaluable during the green screen shoot of Nachtbraker (Night Owl). Thanks to our experiences with this shoot we were able to key the shots for Nachtbraker (Night Owl) perfectly, causing minimal fuss in post-production.

There are three characters in the film, but there is a fourth starring role, namely Paul Vromen’s wonderful artwork. Special thanks also to Brandy Dixon for helping Paul with coloring the art, turning his two dimensional pencils into a living painting.

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