The Labels That We Are Given
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The Labels That We Are Given

2017 / 40 min. 54 sec. / English


The Labels That We Are Given is our most ambitious project to date.  This forty minute documentary about Syrian Refugees and the stigmas they are confronted with took almost a year to finish and we are currently sending it to festivals around Europe. The goal of the documentary is to give a face  to the faceless and a voice to those we only hear people talk about, but never hear ourselves. We asked them many questions that nationalist populists automatically assume they are: Are they Muslim, uneducated, poor, Arab, fortune seekers, rapists? Why don’t they go to the neighboring countries? How was life before the war? By confronting them with the labels they are given we want to show that we as humans have more in common than what divides us.

Filming in front of the National Monument on the Dam Square in Amsterdam.


Winning award