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2013 / 1 min. 58 sec. / English

A film by: Luuk Keijser & Henk-Jan Vinke

Cast: Peter Aponno, Henk-Jan Vinke


The making of Surprise was exactly that, a big surprise. We had just acquired a new lens, our Voigtlander 25mm f0,95 and were anxious to test the lens out so we got to work. We wrote and shot everything on the same day and were done in a couple of hours. Editing took a lot longer because we had to digitally insert an explosion. We had a lot of fun shooting it and the tone is reminiscent of the work we did together making theater in college. We learned a lot about lighting and digital effects making Surprise and are still proud of the results even though our technical skills now are far beyond what is displayed in this little film.