Sesimbra – Day and Night
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Sesimbra – Day and Night

2014 / 2 min. 5 sec. / English


We shot this short when we were guests at the Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival for accepting the 2nd prize in the category Religious Tourism for our documentary Venice: Pilgrimage of Modern Man. We shot This resulted in some wonderful short atmospheric videos (such as our shorts on StrasbourgFreiburg and Utrecht) without narrative in the past, but switched to narrative documentaries and shorts. But after staying in Sesimbra just a few days, we fell in love with the beauty of this little town and couldn’t resist shooting this little film showing of the gorgeous nature and hospitable nightlife.

The film festival was so enthused by our ode to their town that it was selected for their program the next year and we were lucky enough to return to  accept the 3rd prize in the category Religious Tourism for Vision of Light.

Henk-Jan Vinke filming at the beach of Sesimbra.


Winning award