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Nachtbraker (Night Owl)

2016 / 5 min. 21 sec. / Dutch with English subtitles

A film by: Luuk Keijser & Henk-Jan Vinke
Practical effects: Maarten Kip
Music: Richard Pouw

Cast: Peter Aponno, Katrien van Riet & Henk-Jan Vinke


Nachtbraker (Night Owl) was the first film we shot on our new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and we decided to push the image to the limit by shooting at night. The story  is a about a burglar who takes a few to many liberties at the house he is robbing. Slowly he realizes that he is not alone.

We shot the film in several nights and we did the cinematography, direction, production, and editing all in-house. We called upon the expertise of Pouw Music Productions for the score and Studio Maarten Kip helped us with the practical effects.  Thanks to all the experience with green screen we gained during Love After Love the effects shoot went without a hitch.

Above you can see the trailer, the complete short (with English subtitles) and some behind the scenes footage (without subtitles at this time).


Winning award