Imperial Finch Productions
About us

Luuk Keijser (1979) was born in Maputo, Mozambique but has lived in the Netherlands for most of his life. His fascination for literature led him to Utrecht where he finished his BA in English Language and Culture, followed by an MA in Intercultural Communication. During his time at university he came into contact with theatre which led to not just acting but also writing, directing and producing his own plays. As a lifelong cinephile, the step towards filmmaking was not difficult to make. Writing, camera and editing are his main focus, but he is also very comfortable with directing and production.


Henk-Jan Vinke (1980) knew he wanted to be a storyteller from a very young age and chose literature as his field of study. Henk-Jan soon developed an interest in theatre, directing, acting and producing many plays, first in the safe environment of the university, but later professionally as well. While working on his MA Henk-Jan started production company Imperial Finch Productions with his good friend and longtime theatre collaborator Luuk Keijser, culminating in among other things two award winning short documentaries and an adaptation of the last sentence of James Joyce’s Ulysses into a short film, Penelope-Yes for the international James Joyce Symposium ‘Along the Kromme Run’ in 2014. Besides filmmaking, Henk-Jan also writes and reviews films for the Japanese cultural magazine Aniway, which is distributed throughout the Benelux.


If you have any questions or if you have a project on which we can collaborate, please contact us. We love to hear from you.


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